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Homer Alaska Halibut Fishing Charter

By reserving your 2014 Homer AK Halibut Fishing Package now you can take advantage of the remarkable package specials that make it very easy to leave the difficult economy behind and enjoy that Alaska fishing trip at these unparalleled cheap specials.

Welcome to Homer Halibut Fishing Charter where your dreams of undertaking an affordable fishing trip come to life. From Homer winter king salmon charters to the best Anchor Point and Ninilchik halibut fishing charters in Alaska, Homer Alaska Fishing Charter highlights affordable Alaska halibut fishing charters with the experience to book a trip you will not soon forget. Alaska Halibut Fishing and Alaska Salmon Fishing out of Ninilchik, Deep Creek, Anchor Point & Homer Alaska.

Homer ranks among the most scenic towns in Alaska but even more importantly as the best halibut fishing we have experienced year after year. For 2014 we are offering you a new Homer Halibut Derby, Halibut Fishing Photo Album, where you can set up a personal photo album of your fishing trip and email it to family and friends. Please feel free to include your photos to the photo album for 2014.

Alaska Halibut Fishing

The halibut fishing throughout Alaska is spectacular. Fishing for halibut in Homer Alaska ranks as one of our states most popular recreational activities. There is little disagreement to the fact that battling a 200+ pound halibut on a fishing rod is without a doubt one of the most thrilling challenges one experiences when fishing in Alaska. As this battle wears on, your arms begin to ache and your muscles burn from the brute strength of the monster on the deep end of the line. Anticipation grows as you speculate as to the enormous size of the mystifying monster hidden in the deep cold water beneath you. Adrenalin junkies will love this addicting sport as there is just no end to the anticipation of what's on the other end of your rod for the day. Yes, Homer halibut charters will keep your blood hot and your heart pumping with constant injections of mind blowing excitement off the secluded coastline of Homer Alaska.

The best time for halibut fishing in Homer is during the slack tides between the high and low swings of the tides in Cook Inlet. If your planning on entering the Homer Alaska halibut fishing tournament, you must purchase your tickets prior to boarding the boat.

If your looking to do some halibut fishing in Ninilchik Alaska try your hand at catching the worlds largest halibut with an Alaska halibut fishing charter from Ninilchik or Anchor Point Alaska. Additionally, there are more options available from the Deep Creek Charter boat operators located just past the Ninilchik Fishing Charter offices.

Homer Halibut Fishing Facts!

  • Some of the worlds largest pacific halibut are caught in the waters off Homer AK every summer.
  • Homer is home to the largest fleet of charter boats in the State of Alaska.
  • The richest halibut fishing derby is in Homer.
  • Halibut are present in the waters of Kachemak Bay in all but four months of the year.
  • Halibut can grow to more than 8 ft long and weighing up to 700 lbs.
  • The largest concentration of pacific halibut is found off the coasts of Alaska and Northern British Columbia.

Why choose Homer over other coastal towns for your Alaska halibut fishing trip?

  • Homer has been labeled the Halibut Fishing Capitol of Alaska for many good reasons.
  • The rich waters of Cook Inlet offer the perfect setting for an off shore fishing experience without the large waves and swells found in other areas of Alaska.
  • Huge numbers of halibut return to these waters every summer making for some outstanding Alaska fishing.
  • The waters of Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet are some of the most productive fishing regions for big halibut along the Alaskan coastline.
  • Largest number of licensed charters in Alaska each with many years of fishing experience in the waters of Alaska.
  • An abundance of amenities like tackle shops, fish freezing and packaging, frozen seafood shipping to your door, restaurants offering seafood galore, great lodging and souvenir shops everywhere.
  • All inclusive halibut fishing trips include either a full or half day of halibut fishing from Homer, Alaska where the charter supplies all of the fishing gear, tackle and bait and then, upon return to the harbor, fish filleting is provided.

There are charter boats heading out from Homer daily, along with most of the local area towns like Anchor Point, Ninilchik, Seldovia and Deep Creek State Recreation Area making finding the halibut fishing charter of your choice very simple. It's never been easier to live the dream of a reasonably priced Alaska halibut fishing trip.

From Homer winter king salmon charters to the best Anchor Point and Ninilchik halibut fishing charters in Alaska, Homer Fishing Charters highlights affordable Alaska fishing charters with the experience to book a trip you will not soon forget. Alaska Halibut Fishing Charter and Lodging in Homer Alaska offers outstanding Halibut Fishing in the pristine waters of Cook Inlet and Katchamak Bay. Call for our low, low prices for Alaskan Halibut Fishing Charter and Lodging in Homer Alaska.

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